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They Trust Fsuite

Centralized data, Integrated accounting

There is nothing more helpful than the access to everything at a click. Fsuite assists the users to manage the complete portfolio of properties in a single database to enable improved accuracy and efficiency in accessing information. With the integrated full featured systems, it also aids in smooth functioning of the financial management.

  • 360° views of portfolio
  • No replication hassles

Automated workflows, Online Approvals & Built-in Document management system

Fsuite aids in averting delays with its integrated automated workflows. The routine to complete a process can be predefined and it can also be directed for multi-level approvals, thus making it faster, reliable software for your property management. Fsuite intends to create, receive, trace, and manage the documents and responses to emails of your property portfolio in a centralized platform. This will help in eradicating the duplication of documents and function as a unified access center for your business.

  • Streamlining process digitally
  • Paperless Management
  • Reduce human delays & errors

Mobilize Access, Report confidently

Fsuite understands the increase in usage of mobile devices to access day to day needs, be it for personal or business activities have created an essential need for all business to be accessible in a responsive design and feature across all mediums. Our software is designed to enable you to access your real-time data anywhere through a laptop, tab or even a mobile.

  • No Geographical constraints
  • Accessible across all mediums
  • Access real-time data
  • Reliable report

Faster Response, Increased resident satisfaction

Fsuite ‘s programmed workflow will substitute as a medium for the announcements and reminders for General maintenance requests, due dates or payments. This facilitates a faster response and actions from the concerned departments. The user-friendly features combined with the swifter response from the owners will result in increased satisfaction from the tenants/residents. Fsuite provides you with increased efficiency with reduced turnaround time by automating the processes.

  • Seamless communications to tenants
  • Aids to maintain competitive Edge
  • Being responsive 24/7
  • Swift responses

On Premise or SaaS

Fsuite software can be implemented at onsite or through SaaS in accordance with client’s requirement. Through our seamless resources we help simplify the management, storage, and usage of large amounts of data, both on-premises and SaaS and help you to be up and running in no time.

  • Flexible implementation
  • Unified platform

Third party integrations

Fsuite ensures many third-party integrations, such as EJARI, Payment Gateways, Office 365, Google Workspace, for a smoother functioning of the processes in terms with the Property Management

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